Affiliate Guide Make 2000 USD monthly from A-Z with Hostarmada

Affiliate Guide Make 2000 USD monthly from A-Z with Hostarmada

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of promoting a Supplier’s products or services to the end users. When a customer clicks on the marketing link and takes the actions that the supplier wants from the end user: Buying, registering for service, filling in information, …, he / she will receive a commission. .

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Affiliate marketing is like you are doing affiliate marketing for product in life. But it’s different in that the affiliate marketing environment is on the internet, no need to embrace. You just need a laptop, even just one phone with internet connection, to make money.


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It is as simple as that. Many people only know that affiliate marketing is BUY through affiliate marketing and get paid one commission. But no, there are many other requirements of the supplier that we still get commissions, even just click on the link or fill out the information form ….

Example: You are in need of buying a new Iphone and do not know where to buy it. By chance, you see your friend posting about the Apple Iphone12 of the same type you are interested. So you buy it. The product is owned by the manufacturer, your friends recommend it or do affiliate marketing, introduce products. And if your friend joins the affiliate marketing program, he will receive a commission from the producer. Why so? Because manufacturers do not need to spend advertising costs and still sell products to customers who do not know them, instead of paying very expensive advertising costs, they choose a cheaper form, people recommend products for people wishing to use.

But more importantly, for affiliate marketing on the Internet, every link you put up lasts forever and when a customer buys the product from there you will still receive a commission.

There are many channels and methods for you to promote affiliate marketing on the Internet environment: Be it social networks facebook, youtube, instagram, tiktok, zalo, email or run ads (risk for people lack of experience), However these are only unsustainable free channels.

If you want to build a business, brand for yourself, seriously with making money online on the internet, the better and forever channel belongs to you, under your management and administration, which is Website/Blog. With the website/blog what you have posted, including your affiliate marketing always exist on the Internet and bring in income for you when you focus on building it.

The cost to build a Website / blog is quite cheap, only about 500,000 -2 million VND (equivalent to about 25 – 85 $), you have a complete website and start with an online startup. This is why you should start with a website / blog. And to promote it you need a Host and Domain.

Are you willing to spend a very small amount of money just like a cup of coffee, a drink or a glass of milk per month to invest in a business, a business opportunity on the Internet and join the group with People with real experience in the field of making money online?? 

How many types of affiliate marketing?

For each product or service, each distributor has its own requirements on customer behavior through your marketing link to approve commissions for you. In order to understand the requirements of each distributor, you should thoroughly study their marketing program.

Many of you who make money with affiliate marketing only know that “only when a customer buys goods, they will receive a commission”. However, there are many other forms of affiliate marketing.

• CPA: Short for Cost Per Action, meaning cost is calculated based on one action taken. This is the most common phrase in affiliate marketing. Commissions are paid when a customer clicks on your affiliate link and takes a specific action that the distributor takes. In the CPA, there are 3 more small terms:

• CPS: Short for Cost per Sale, you will receive a commission once a user makes a purchase through your affiliate link. This is the most common form of affiliate marketing.

• CPL: Short for Cost per Lead, commission will be charged when customers fill out personal information or try products through your affiliate link. The information customers enter is usually email, name, address, phone number, ..

• Cost Per Qualified Lead (CPQL): Publisher receive a commission when a customer completes a registration form. Advertiser accepts to pay for receiving information from customers with the right criteria to meet their own requirements depending on the campaign.

For example: Avay accepts customers to enter correct information and get loan confirmation from banks / financial institutions affiliated with AVAY.

• CPI: Short for Cost per Install, you get a commission when a customer installs an advertiser app through your affiliate link. The most popular today is Make Money with Brave

• CPO: Cost per offer – CPO is a form of affiliate marketing in which a commission is charged per customer order. That is, when the customer clicks on your distribution link and places an order on the Landing Page, then calls the call center, the customer confirms that the order was placed (Successfully converted), that you will be charged a commission for the order. that row. This method is also gaining popularity, because of its high commission rate and commission policy. One such affiliate network is Adflex

• CPC: Cost per click: CPC here has 2 meanings, one is to charge for advertising. The rest means that you will be paid a commission per customer click. This is a form of shortening the link., is available in Vietnam

How Make Money online with Hostarmada Affiliate?

You can rest assured with making money with Hostarmada. Although it is new, it is highly appreciated. You can view Hostarmada Review here.

At Hostarmada, the affiliate marketing commissions is very high, when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you will be paid up to $ 125 / order under the “reverse pyramid” model.

So you can see the best and most effective way is to have a HostArmada account and use their host to build a website / blog to promote your products and introduce and guide people using Hostarmada products .

WoW! You both have a host and a domain to build your website/business blog on the internet and you can make money through affiliate marketing with extremely preferential commissions.  


Do the following:

B1: Go to Hostarmada’s homepage by clicking on the link below: 


B2: Click on Plans & Pricing under Cloud Share Hosting side

B3: You scroll down to select the hosting package you want to buy choose Select Plan

Select packages you want that suit your requirements and click Order now. If it was me, I would buy Web Warp package to get stronger hosting and be able to create more websites later. If you want low price, you can

B4: Enter the domain name you want to receive for FREE

Domain is the name of your website, your blog, the address for people to visit your website. Here you can choose by your name or by product or service that you do

For example:,,,, …

Then click on Check Domain: If this same message appears, you can use this domain name, but if you have another message, please choose a different domain name, because the domain name you just selected already has already been used. If not, the message displays as follows:

Then you click  CONTINUE

B5: Choose the number of years you want to buy and your server location

The number of years depends on your needs and your budget that you choose. You should select server in area country to get high speed bandwitch.

After selecting the server and the number of years you want to complete, click the Preview Order button. The best, You should select 3 year to get low price when you use coupon 75% because, you don’t know about change policy and special offer of Hostarmada.


B7: Check the complete information of your order:

  1. Check which web hosting service you want to buy?
  2. Is your domain name typed correctly?
  3. Check price to see correct?
In case you join SAM with the code provided by the SAM team, Remove Promotion Code and enter the new code to reduce 5% more. If all is correct, press CHECKOUT. 

Note: This is a more premium plan, more support than the basic plan you only need $ 48 for the whole year. For SAM participants, you will receive a discount code that has been added 5% to the current 70% price!

B8: Fill in payment information. 

You can use Paypal or visa card for payment. If not, you can see how to do VISA here

With your VISA card, do the following:

Check your hosting order at Hostaranda

Please pay attention to the PASSWORD section: this is a PASSWORD for you to login to your hosting 

  • The zip code  you can  see here 
  • Card Number : is 16 numbers on your visa card
  • Expiry Date : is the expiration date of the card 
  • CVV / CVC2 : 3 digits security you will see it on the back of your VISA or MasterCard.

After you have entered the information, check again to see if it is correct if it is correct then click on  CHECKOUT . 

For you to use paypal to pay, you choose paypal and enter paypal email to connect to pay directly from paypal offline.

You will then be redirected to your hosting management page like this. 

1 hosting armada

So you have finished purchasing hosting to start building your website. 

Now go to the email where you purchased the hosting, find the email named [HostArmada] Invoice Payment Confirmation

So you already have Hosting and Domain to build a website / Blog or a great business system on the Internet. After signing up, you can also join the SAM real frying group with a team of years of experience making money online.


New to affiliate marketing? It’s okay to have a basic ebook for beginners. Leave a comment below the article to receive a free Ebook

After digging deeper into affiliate marketing, you will discover that there are many ways you can effectively make money on the Internet and create a passive income system for yourself through building. its business on it.


Why do you need about registry hostarmada? Because You need guide for customer when they buy your product. More, You need use host to review it by yourself and get more information from hostarmada.

To learn more about how to make money with Hostarmada, please see here

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Wish you will make more money through making money online!

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