HostArmada Expert Review 2020

HostArmada Expert Review 2020

What is Host? 

Hosting (or web hosting) is an online service that helps you publish your website or web application on the Internet. When you sign up for a hosting service, mean you rent a place on a server that holds all the files and data needed for your website to run.

A server is a physical computer running uninterruptedly so that your website can be available at all times for everyone to access. Your Web Hosting provider is responsible for keeping the server up and running, preventing malicious attacks, and transferring content (text, images, files) from the server to the user’s browser.

You do not need any programming knowledge to perform server administration. Your account has a built-in user interface that lets you manage all aspects of your website. For example, you can upload HTML files and others to the server, install a CMS like WordPress, access your database and create a backup for your site.

Should do use Host Armada?

If you want to own a website with the cheapest price possible, Armada is a reason not to be missed. I have also used Armada service and know a little, in this article I will evaluate HostArmada hosting and should do use hosting and domain services at Armada or not?

HostArmada – the name is a bit new when it comes to hosting and domain services. Although the price is cheap, but the quality is extremely good (cheap price is due to incentives).

Usually when we make reviews about a service of a hosting provider or domain name, we often base on the criteria and factors to decide the quality. The factors here I will talk about are history, bandwidth, reputation, price as well as the support team, …

Armada has always prided itself on being the largest domain and hosting provider in the world, with more than 70 million active domains and millions of companies using Armada’s services for their websites.

With a long and sustainable history of establishment and development, Armada always puts quality and customer experience first. Specifically, later I will say clearly shortly.

HostArmada Review

Company has existed for more than 10 years now, however since 2017, after experiencing achievements and recognition awards from the community, plus the explosion of internet technology with pictures advertising formula under the Armada brand.

review hostarmada

Advantages of Armada hosting.

  • Low price

This is probably the biggest advantage and deserves the first mention about the advantages of Armada’s service. Normally, the price of the cheapest hosting package is from $ 7.99 / month, sometimes they promote 50% long-term discount coupons for the service, which is only $ 3.99 / month.

But more surprising, the current price is only $ 2.69 / month (less than 1 cup of coffee, right), not only that, you also get free domain name for a year.

Surely many of you will think that, because there are no customers to use them, they offer promotions and discounts. Not really. Armada is the world’s largest domain name provider.

However, with outstanding developments, they quickly opened more hosting services to facilitate the storage as well as configuration for users. The reason they always create promotions to experience user reviews, moreover, the price here is only cheap in the first year, from the second year it will return to the base price.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

When you  buy a hosting package of $ 3,99/ month, you will own the Share Host service at Armada.  Most of the Share Host providers  we often see advertise as unlimited bandwidth, it is really impossible to know exactly, sometimes your website will be suddenly interrupted when traffic flows to the website too. big.

However, unlike other hosting services, you will not have to spend extra money to upgrade the service or increase the traffic limit for the website. Simply when the traffic is high, your website will load longer or in an overloaded state.

  • Automatic wordpress installer.

Of course, most of the hosting using  Control Panel  today allow you to do this, you only take about 5 minutes to complete the installation of a wordpress website, automatically  Chmod  permissions for files and folders.

Too great is not it, especially Armada has its own hosting package for wordpress with extremely high stability and security. You will not have to struggle with manual manipulations to install wordpress on your website, now everything is automatic.


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At begin special offer, you need 13$ to buy. View photo above you need paid 27$, However, In short time, price is updated, You must be paid more 13$, If you still wait, you can’t buy with price 40$, and then you can must be paid t0 100$.

  • Good security

For Armada, security is a pretty high priority. The security problem is related to the whole website system, no one wants to own a service that can be easily attacked, especially denial of service (DDOS) attack.

With the experience of a company with a long and reputable history, they have a lot of technologies to prevent spam and hackers.

So you can rest assured. In addition, Armada  also integrates many security functions for the website in the management controls such as:

  • Allows creating SSH to connect to the website.
  • Encrypt files and folders with  GnuPG .
  • Protect folders with a password.
  • Block user IP addresses.
  • Improved SSL security.

  • Easy management

Armada’s domain and hosting manager is very simple, friendly, you will easily set up, configure in detail and be able to complete the website in the fastest time.

  • Support good and fast

Whenever there are questions, or errors occur during use, they are always ready to receive feedback, or requests for support from you, professional attitude and responsibility.

Many customers evaluate the expertise of the support team.

  • Has good stability

Having said that, quite impressive at 99.93%. Armada always guarantees uptime with a sustained record of up to 99.93%. Compared with service providers with the same price, this is the best service to ensure your website operates 24/24.

Is HostArmada good?

After analyzing and evaluating in detail about the service at Armada the question arises should we use hosting and domain in Armada?

Yeah, yes here you have the right to use Armada. When you first start with the website, you should choose Armada as the first destination, it is just enough for you to experience the knowledge and experience, you will certainly not find mistakes.

For example, after a period of use you feel unsatisfied with Armada, then consider it as an experience to learn, it is not worth it anyway.

But unfortunately using the services at different providers with expensive prices, while the quality of service is not much less, it is a must to regret. 

Who should use Armada hosting?

Anyone can use the service at Armada but to suit the needs and purposes I have some advice as follows, here are the people who should use the hosting service at Armada:

– Beginners to learn about the website, especially wordpress. This will be an environment for you to learn and expand your skills on website design. You can freely explore and destroy to improve your professional level.

– People who are learning or building projects on website, or related knowledge, that is both an opportunity for you to own and learn on advanced platforms.

– Participants  make money online  with the website, maybe google Adsense, affiliate (affiliate marketing). Service at Armada is enough to accompany your passion on that MMO path.

– Small personal blogs: not to be missed for those who want to develop a personal blog, or share certain content, there are many ways for you to express yourself with Armada.



It can be said that Armada is a giant in the internet technology industry, the world around movement, Armada is always developing and they constantly upgrade services and products to users to have a great experience.

Through the above advantages, the investment in a website for $ 26.85 / year is very worth the money.

My advice is that if you are a beginner, you should use the Armada package, you will learn the basics of WordPress, hosting … After conditions, upgrade to a higher package.

OK, so we’ve come a long way to talk about the pros and cons of Armada Hosting plans. If you have questions or any comments, leave a comment below . Good luck!

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